Tips for Buying a Power Juicer

Juicing fruits and vegetables provides an exceptional source of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients all packed into a single glass of delicious juice.  And buying the right juicer can mean having the power to extract every drop of goodness from the produce you choose; giving you the advantage of their incredible health benefits.  It can also mean the difference between having fun concocting your own delicious juice blends and fighting with a temperamental juicer that doesn’t live up to expectations.

Power juicers come in a variety of styles and offer numerous functions based on the size and model you choose.  There are manual juicers, masticating juicers, the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer, single auger juicers and centrifugal juicers and even the wheatgrass juicer; there’s definitely a juicer to fit your needs.  The question is which one?

Power juicers not only make healthy fruit and vegetable drinks, some can even make delicious smoothies, sorbets, frozen desserts, soups and homemade nut butters.  The features you can get on your power juicer vary as widely as the prices. 

The following tips will help provide some things to consider when choosing your new power juicer.

What to look for when choosing a power juicer –

  • The first thing you need to do is decide how you’ll be using your new power juicer.  What you’ll be juicing will help determine the type of power juicer you will need.  For instance, if you will be juicing wheatgrass or heavier root vegetables, you will need a wheatgrass juicer.  If you’ll be juicing mainly fruits a simple citrus juicer may be all you need.  Compare the different features of power juicers to determine which you’ll need and which you can live without.
  • Some juicers can be very complicated to take apart and put back together, this makes cleaning a chore.  However, it’s important to keep in mind that the more complex power juicers are often the higher quality juicers which require additional maintenance.  These factors need to be considered if ease of use is important to you.
  • The speed of the motor is another important factor to consider.  Certain vegetables will benefit from being juiced at a slower speed which helps preserve their nutritional value.
  • The slower the motor, the cooler the resulting juice will be.  When the motor runs fast, the juice is exposed to more air which results in higher levels of oxidation.  This oxidation then breaks down the nutrients in the juice.  The power juicers with slower motors preserve more nutrients and enzymes extracting a juice that has retained most of its nutrients.  Juices that have been heavily oxidized are best consumed immediately and not stored in the refrigerator because they are prone to spoil easily.
  • If you’ll be making juices for medicinal purposes or making wheatgrass juice, you’ll want a juicer with the slowest motor speed, about 80 rpm.  These extra slow power juicers are designed to keep cool and retain the enzymes in the juice for greater potency.
  • Some juicers can be very loud and depending on when you’ll be juicing may be disturbing.  Research the noise level of the power juicer before making a purchase if this is an issue for you.
  • There are power juicers that can be used to make a variety of foods other than just juice.  The basic vegetable juicer and most centrifugal juicers will only make juice.  Other power juicers can make frozen desserts, nut butters and more.  Deciding whether you’ll be using your juicer for more than juicing will help to narrow your choices.
  • Decide where you’ll be keeping your juicer once you get it home.  If counter space is at a premium, there are upright juicers that conserve space while offering excellent high quality juices.
  • Be sure to review the warranty that comes with the power juicer.  Most good quality juicers will have a 5 year warranty and some will be as long as 15 years.
Power Juicer

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There are several very good quality juicers on the market and finding the one to suit your needs will be an important part in establishing a fun and healthy juicing tradition.  The Breville juicer – Compact Juice Fountain and the Jack Lalanne juicer – Power Juicer Pro are both excellent models.

Fresh homemade fruit and vegetable juices can enhance health and treat a number of ailments.  But buying the right juicer machine for your needs can take time and research, but it’s time well spent.  In the end, you’ll be rewarded with delicious and healthy juice from a machine that is a pleasure to use.  Have fun creating your own unique juicer recipes!

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